Venom Prison + Creeping Death + Leeched


Muziekodroom, Hasselt

18h30 — 22h30

Venom Prison

VENOM PRISON has returned with a blistering second album titled Samsara.Named after the Buddhist concept of being reborn into a never-ending cycle of suffering, the rising death metal outfit have laid their cards out on the table from the word go. Musically, the album is as abrasive as we have come to expect from this UK based five-piece; as frenetic as the debut but delivered with a power up of confidence in their delivery.“Samsara is more aggressive yet un-ashamed of dynamics. It recognises, that to in order to feel impact you must have suspense,” comments guitarist, Ash Gray. “To feel the hate and aggression behind low-ended discord you must feel the relief of layered melodic swells,” adds in fellow guitarist, Ben Thomas. With this approach, Samsara is a contrasting and confrontational offer that does not hold back.

+ Supports: Creeping Death &  Leeched